I went to filmschool to show the truth, by pointing my camera at it. Soon I learned there is no ‘truth’, only perspective. WHAT do I point my camera at? WHAT do I show? And what do I NOT show?

Which perspective do I choose?

From what perspective are you looking at yourself? That of others? Your parents? Your colleagues? A god?

But what is YOUR story?

I want to help you to look at your problems, situation, yourself, from a different perspective. What do you focus on? What choices do or did you make? And why? This can be eye opening! It can even lead to a whole new story.

Come see me! Young, old, live or online. And even sometimes on location.


Simone de Vries. Personal Coach. Motivator.

If there is something I learned from my years of trying to analyze people in documentaries, it is that EVERYONE has to overcome something to reveal their true self. The underlying reasons can be very different but the feeling is the same: What do I have to offer? Who cares about what I have to say? Can I do this?

Which story do you tell yourself about yourself? Is it time to rewrite that story? Come see me!

Do you have an inner wish you are hesitant to manifest?

Are you having conflicts at work?

Are you afraid of change?

Are you overwhelmed by life choices ?

I can help you detangle these feelings and make clear choices.

Come see me!


“I found out so much about myself. It was emotional, scary, annoying, difficult. But a good kickstart for change. I feel I have skills to try and deal with certain things. Work in progress!” (B. Journalist, NL)

“The exercises were amazing. Very insightful. It totally made me reevaluate my approach to a difficult an emotional situation in my life. I feel I have made a difference in myself.” (G. Lawyer, Argentina)

“Simone is very precise and has clear communications skills. Focused, and has a lot of integrity. We acted out some practical situations and my attitude (and fears) in those, and that really worked.” (M. Artist, NL)

“We could achieve the goal that I wanted to get to: find my path. I could organize and clear out my concerns that were blocking my possibilities to start the new road. We called that obstacle ‘x’, an evil and angry voice inside my head. For the time being, he lives together with my other voices and he is out of the way.” (C. Sound engineer, Germany)